In their article “Best Cities For Singles in 2018” Zumper crunched the numbers for the 121 million single men and women in the USA and found the most target rich environment is Boulder, Colorado.

Balancing “5 key indicators: bars and restaurants, college degrees, internet use/access for dating apps, average rental prices, and, of course, singles in the area,” they rank Boulder, Colorado as number 1.

This is a beautiful city with beautiful people, but they don’t take into account is the personality of this “People’s Republic Of Boulder” attitude. This is a progressive city that just banned the sale and possession of certain firearms. Meanwhile, Wyoming is the most heavily armed state in the USA. What would you talk about without arguing? That’s 1 example.

Boulder Flatirons in Winter

This city nestled between the mountains and reality shows this community’s privileged may not accept you if you don’t have serious bank, as referenced in my recent article “NOT RICH IN BOULDER – YOU MIGHT HAVE A BAD DAY

While just 100 miles distant, I think Cheyenne is much further away in many ways. Boulder is the best city for singles but, is this a pond you would want to fish in? Just askin’.

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