Ah, yes, we're the second week into May which really feels like the most stable week we've had weather-wise since March when the weather has kicked back and forth between Winter and Spring. But, we're(hopefully) past that now. As a means to make us feel like it's Summertime, WYDOT is clearing the roads through the Snowy Range on WY 130 and also WY 70 over Battle Pass.

Just look at that work. Today's warm temps may help their cause as they push through to get the snowy roads ready for travelers as the calendar's pages tell us we can get out and do things. The bypass should be open by Memorial Day.

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I didn't get a chance to make it to Snowy Range last year, so I'm already planning a trip through the Scenic Byway and getting to take in how beautiful it is out that way. It's also the best way to take if you're going for a weekend trip to Saratoga and ready to take in the hot springs. Which, you could have if you wanted and just drove around it on I-80, but it's not the same.

If you're out and about and see one of the WYDOT drivers out, give them the "steering wheel" wave as you pass them. They're putting in a lot of work now, so we can go and play within the next few weeks. After all, if they're not out there working hard, we're not getting to see Southeast Wyoming's beauty.

What's your favorite part about Snowy Range? Is it the Scenic Byway or something else? Let us know on the app.

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