If you're working remotely, you might as well make it more exciting.

For many of us, working from home was our reality over the last year. With the pandemic forcing us to keep our distance and keep close to home, many of us had our living rooms and kitchens become our offices. Now it appears that we have more options as to where that office is.

There have been quite a few travel, tourism, and hotel companies that have offered incentives for people to get out of their homes. Not only is this appealing to us, but it also can generate revenue for the businesses themselves. One company is taking things one step further.

Sojrn is offering work abroad programs.

If you missed out on study abroad programs in college, this is right up your alley. Heck, even if you did a study abroad program, you'll want to check this out. Either way you slice it, you're getting to travel while also keeping up with your job.

The programs are four weeks long and cost $2,800. The fee covers your Wi-Fi, a workspace, a curriculum, host to show that show you around your new "office." Unfortunately, you will have to pay for your travel and meals, but according to Thrillist, you can partner up with someone, share a room, and save 20 percent.

Many trips for this year are full, but there are plenty scheduled for 2022. Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Berlin, and Costa Rica are on the docket. Each has a theme like fashion, technology, entrepreneurship and more. The one restriction is that you must be 21 or older.

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