The nationwide shortage of White Claw hard seltzer is starting to affect some local liquor stores. We spoke to clerks at several Cheyenne businesses, some who are already running out of the popular product.

At Cool River Wine and Sprits on Yellowstone Road, they sold out of the variety 12-pack last week and are beginning to see supply shortages for other flavors.

Dell Range Liquor told us they're "starting to run short" and are encouraging customers to stock up.

A clerk at Town and Country Liquors on South Greeley Highway said their stock is good for the moment, but they have been told to expect fewer shipments this fall.

They haven't noticed a White Claw shortage at DT's Liquormart on Ridge Road yet, who reported: "our shelves are full".

The CheyenneMetz Beverage Group has distributed White Claw around the region since the product launched in 2016. The Cheyenne based company is the largest MillerCoors distributor in Wyoming, covering the Cheyenne, Laramie, Gillette, and Sheridan markets.

"The White Claw shortage is real," CheyenneMetz Vice President Brittney Lewis-Webber confirmed. "We're not exactly sure what to expect, but we're ordering as much product as we normally would. We've been on the White Claw bandwagon since the beginning. We worked hard to get it into stores, now it's one of our top sellers and we're working hard to keep it in the stores."

Lewis-Webber said White Claw sales have skyrocketed this summer, estimating local sales have increased "over 200 percent" in the past year. White Claw sales have also soared nationwide, up an estimated 283 percent from 2018. Industry experts say White Claw sales account for nearly 50 percent of the hard seltzer market nationwide.



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