A guy on TikTok made a point that we never really think about or maybe, even people from outside of our state never think about. There are two kinds of Wyoming that you can experience living. There's the nature's beauty Wyoming that most people think about, then there's rural Wyoming, which is most of the state. The content creator points out that he loves both, but just showing it, is something I think we take for granted when we're thinking about "real Wyoming". You hear that a lot from Wyomingites, and it illustrates it pretty well.

Here, check out the video for yourself.

He's got a good point, right? He's had close to 10,000 people watch the video, so the perspective is catching on, somewhat virally. But, it's just interesting, we have thousands of tourists exploring parts of Wyoming at any given time, but most of them, if they're not just flying straight to Jackson, are only driving through the parts of Wyoming where people live and raise their families.

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So, that takes me to the next part, what are Wyomingite's favorite part of the state? Do we only care about the areas where we live, or do we have a soft spot for Wyoming's natural beauty?

You could make a case for either, but I'm like the little girl in the Ortega commercial, "Why Not Both?". So, why not both? They both have their perks, one is our home, where we live, where we know people, and the other is where we like to go for recreation.

Why not both?

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