Gravity is not my friend which is one of the many reasons I've never been a successful skier. There's new video that shows how a pro skier can defy gravity practically as he "threaded the needle" through a tight chute in the Wyoming Tetons.

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This brand new video share is a moment I believe that actually happened 2 winters ago. It's a rather famous part of the Grand Teton range which requires precise navigating through narrow rocky chute which is why it's referred to as "threading the needle". If I tried this, it would not end well. Fortunately, this guy is obviously a pro. Have I mentioned this guy knows what he's doing. I'll give the obvious disclaimer. DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL.

This reminds me of a run through the "Glory Bowl" in the Tetons by a snowboarder a few years ago. The mountains around Jackson do not lack for iconic skiing moments.

I will happily live vicariously through athletes like this who do things that would send me to the ER and that's a best-case scenario.

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