The skiers probably thought they owned the slopes. They were wrong. New video shows 2 bull moose who decided to make a Colorado ski slope their own personal playground.

This just happened recently at Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Watch the skiers get a rude awakening about who's really in charge of this hill. You'll notice they prance right on through as if nobody's watching and do some playful sparring in the middle of the slope.

Pro Tip for Colorado skiers: Telling the moose "don't charge" will not stop them from charging. You are welcome. Outdoors shared some tips on how to safely deal with a moose encounter and reasoning with the bull moose wasn't anywhere on the list. Sorry.

I can't prove it with science, but I believe it's possible there are more moose than people in Steamboat Springs. A month or so ago, several bulls decided to roam through town.

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It also wasn't that many years ago when a moose family held several apartment dwellers hostage when they refused to let anyone out of their homes.

It's a moose world. You're just visiting it and that includes the Colorado ski slopes.

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