I can now testify to the where to get a great steak in Cheyenne!

The top three steaks so far in town ranked 1. 2 and 3. I am a steak eatin' son of a gun and love a great steak. So without further adieu - Here comes the beef:

#1 - Hand down so far, Steamboat Steak and Smokehouse. I had the 20 oz Teton T-Bone medium and it was incredible. You don't need to put any sauce or condiments on this bad boy. Rocked it with a blue cheese wedge salad and Western fries.  On Tuesdays this taste bud tantalizer is only $23. Wait can be long due to limited seating.

#2 - Texas Roadhouse has a decent steak and the prices are lower than Steamboat, but the quality of the beef isn't as aged and marinated as Steamboat. Fort Worth rib-eye is a good choice and has great taste. This is kind of up to you. The lower end cut at Steamboat is comparable to the mid-high end cuts at The Texas Roadhouse. Nice selection of sides at The Roadhouse. Plus all you can eat peanuts rock the free world.

#3 - Shadows Bar and Grill - Here lies a massive rib-eye cut. 14 oz cut seasoned with cracked pepper, sea salt and garlic and two great side choices. for your sides, grab the wasabi wedge salad and fries.  Nice price too, $18. I ranked them third, not due to anything other this is the only steak on the menu and it's awesome.

I will make it to Bunkhouse, Little Bear and T-Joes this summer and up-date you.


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