A game is afoot this weekend in Downtown Cheyenne as the Mayor's Youth Council has returned again for 2022 with the Downtown Runaround Small Business Scavenger Hunt. Lots of words and lots of fun if you're looking to get into some fun this weekend. This is also the 20th year that the Mayor's Youth Council has sponsored the event.

The fun kicks off at 10 am Saturday at the Downtown Depot where you'll pick up your "clue cards" and go around to local Downtown Cheyenne businesses. The object is to solve the clues on the clue cards that will lead you to Downtown Cheyenne businesses, once you solve the clue, you'll be on your way to winning prizes.

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This appears to be an awesome event coming up this weekend to bring the kids to and get them some cool prizes while they exercise their bodies and brains trying to figure out these clues.

Again, this all looks really cool, but I do have one question?

What Is The Mayor's Youth Council?

According to the City of Cheyenne's website, the Mayor's Youth Council

was created to increase awareness and involvement of Cheyenne’s youth in city government and in the community at large.

I'll be honest, I wasn't totally sure what the Mayor's Youth Council was, but it looks like they meet a couple of times a month and really try to make a difference for youths in Cheyenne.

Here's to seeing this event be huge this weekend and work well for the youth of Cheyenne and Downtown Cheyenne businesses.

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