Steamboat Geyser recently erupted again in 2019 shattering the all-time record for most eruptions in a year.

According to Geyser Times, Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone erupted for the 48th time this year on the night of December 26. It was listed as a major eruption which is one of many registered this year.

If you check out the Wikipedia page for Steamboat, you'll notice that it was dormant for a 50 year period from 1911 to 1961. It lists the previous record for Steamboat eruptions in one year as 29 back in 1964.

Does this burst of activity at Steamboat mean anything regarding the supervolcano underneath the park? Yellowstone Insider says not really. But, the honest truth is we really can't be sure if it does or not. Live Science documented the recent Steamboat activity this summer just prior to it breaking the previous 1964 record noting that we don't know conclusively why Steamboat has come back to life in the way it has.

They also note that records really only date back to 1982 for serious monitoring of Steamboat Geyser, so there's not enough history to really know what's going on.

One thing is for sure. Steamboat Geyser erupted more in 2019 than any previous year that we're aware of and that's worth paying attention to.

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