It’s been the most active year ever at Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser. It just set the all-time record for eruptions.

Geyser Times just reported this most recent eruption which is the 33rd for 2019 so far. The previous record of 32 was set in 2018 as reported by Newsweek.

The bigger question is what does this new record activity at Steamboat Geyser mean? Yellowstone reported that seismologists researched why geysers erupt a few years ago and found out it has to do with boiling water in side chambers above the caldera.

Does this mean the Yellowstone super volcano is more likely to erupt? USA Today reported that the USGS said no. They said geysers are supposed to erupt and it’s not likely connected to the super volcano. Scientists pointed out we only have records dating back to the 1980’s which is not a lot of data compared to the thousands of years it’s been since the last Yellowstone eruption.

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