Steven Adler has led a colorful life, but one that due to his well documented issues with excess has left his mind a little bit cloudy. However, that's not stopping the onetime Guns N' Roses drummer from working on a new book about his past that he's given the clever title, Steven Adler: The S--t My Friends Remember I Did.

Adler revealed the book project to us on the red carpet at the Bowl for Ronnie fundraiser in Los Angeles Friday night (Oct. 6). “I’m putting a book together called Steven Adler: The S—t My Friends Remember I Did. Because now that I’m sober I’m hearing all these stories of things I did and I’m completely blank. So all my friends are telling me stories and so I started a website called Steven Adler Stories and if you have a story where we’ve ever met anywhere around the world, it should be no less that 20 words and no more than 125 words. That’s how you can be a part of my history."

"Girls, there are plenty of girls around the world that I have to apologize to. I was drinking and using and I would say and do things that I would not normally do," says Adler, who adds with a smile, "So be gentle.”

Adler says that the project is still in the nascent stages and he hasn't really sat down with some of the submissions as of yet, but is looking forward to getting started on the book.

The drummer also revealed that life is good for him at the moment. “I’m just enjoying my life. Every morning I wake up healthy and not sick, I just want to thank God for the beautiful day," said Adler. "All I care about is the moment.”

During the event, Adler praised the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund for their efforts and expressed his hope that there is a cure found for cancer in his lifetime. He also spoke of Dio's generosity toward rockers and revealed that "Stand Up and Shout" was his entry point into Ronnie's music. Being a drummer, Adler offered much respect to Vinny Appice, who played with Dio for many years, stating, "I think he's even better than [John] Bonham. Vinny's got the greatest feel."

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