A Fort Collins food truck that was stolen at the beginning of September, has finally been recovered by its owner and now returned home.

Sometime between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. on September 1, The Goodness food truck was stolen from the parking lot of the Fort Collins American Legion. Truck owner, Michelle Aldrich took to Facebook, asking the Northern Colorado community to keep their eyes out for the missing truck.

Thankfully, Aldrich's Facebook post spread all the way to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where someone happened to recognize the truck, and then sent a photo to Aldrich to confirm. Sure enough, it was The Goodness, and Aldrich set out the next day to go and pick it up.

Aldrich believes that someone hot wired the truck in order to steal it. Upon picking it up, there were several other damages, including a broken driver's side window and the interior was soaked from rain. In addition, whoever stole the truck also took nearly $200 worth of supplies, such as a tent, generator, and extension cords.

After a good cleaning, The Goodness will be back in action for the Thursday food truck rally at Fossil Creek Park.

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