If you've been following the guys from Double Dubs on social media as much as I have, you'll see that their bags will be a little bit heavier on their trip back to the Cowboy State from Buffalo, New York. I mean, if you're going to prove that you are one of the best in the business, you might as well go to the tippy top of the food chain to prove it, and that's just what Double Dubs has done. AND they were victorious.

This is something that most food truck aficionados like myself would know already. Their wings are good. Really good. It's hard to compete with what they have and anytime I'm asked who has the best names, in the list I give, their name rolls off my tongue as a top contender. I always look for them when Food Trucks are gathered at a location. They're also easy to pick out with their military green truck and a giant rooster that they put out front.

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With that, it's now official. You can get the best X-Hot Sauce in the country in the Cowboy State as Double Dubs took home the gold in the X-Hot competition. If that's not enough, they also placed third in best creative spicy wing sauce and finally brought home the Spirit Award. Not too shabby for a food truck from a state that some people debate its existence.

The guys have a long ride home from Buffalo, nearing 24 hours. But, I'd say they'd tell you it was worth it. Congrats, guys! You deserve it!

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