Because everyone knows food is comforting.

Do you ever catch yourself stuffing your face when you're feeling stressed or sad? I'm with you on that. They don't call it comfort eating for nothing. And sometimes the perfect dish has a way of turning your entire day around.

Food is medicine like that.

So what do you typically turn to to raise your spirits? Perhaps it's a dish that you mom used to make when you were little. Maybe you go for the closest drive-thru. Or there's a very real possibility that you just need a taco.

Survey Finds recently published the results of a Hello Fresh survey about foods that boost our moods. 33 percent of respondents say that tacos are their go-to to feel better. Tacos were more popular that any other food item out there, including bacon and eggs, and steak which came in second and third place, respectively.

I can't disagree as I've never met anyone who didn't like tacos. They are handheld morsels of deliciousness. Not to mention, they are completely customizable with your choice of fillings.

As for the best tacos in Cheyenne? According to the reviews on Yelp, we love Best Tacos y Burritos la Paz. It's the top-reviewed taco joint in town. Rounding out the top three were Taqueria Mexicana mi Tierra at number two and Hacienda Guadalajara at number three.

Where do you go for the perfect taco? You know, the one that always seems to satisfy and never lets you down. The place where you can find the taco that makes you do your happy dance, no matter how sour your mood.

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