I've watched this video several times and still find it remarkable that no one was injured. A driver captured the moment that a Nebraska train derailed as he was driving down the highway.

According to multiple reports including News Channel Nebraska, this Union Pacific train derailment happened near Gibbons. The train left the tracks around 3:45pm yesterday, March 31. The report indicates this was a mixed freight train.

The driver could tell that something was not right with the train on his left. He quickly grabbed his phone and ended up capturing the exact moment the derailment occurred.

KSNB in Hastings reported there were 28 freight cars in total that made up this train. They reported that the Union Pacific was headed toward North Platte when it left the tracks. They indicate that the railroad is working with contractors to get the area cleared of debris and some shipments that depend on this route could be delayed 24 to 48 hours.

It's the one train event you hate to hear about and rarely see. Thanks to one driver being at the exact location at the exact time, you get to see a miraculous near miss with no major injuries.

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