A Cheyenne student is under investigation after allegedly making a "vague school shooting threat" against South High School.

Police spokesman Officer Kevin Malatesta says police were made aware of the threat around 8 p.m. Wednesday.

"The threats came through Snapchat and went to a large group," said Malatesta. "We've identified the person responsible for making those initial statements (and) there'll be consequences for that individual, but that person has been contacted and is obviously not attending school today."

Malatesta says additional school resource officers have been placed at South and the school is being extra vigilant, but there's nothing to indicate any danger to the students at this point in time.

"Everything is safe and sound," he said. "To my understanding it was just a threat. There was no real danger to the students, no plan or anything further to it."

"We obviously follow-up on any of the tips that come into us, but people spreading false information or half-heard rumors really just amps up that panic and fear," he added. "If we are made aware of it quickly and people let us know as it first comes in (then) we can quickly identify if there is or isn't a threat and do an investigation."


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