According to a new study ranking the America's Happiest Cities, Cheyenne has the shortest commute time in the country. The average commute in the Capital City is 14.6 minutes, nearly a half-hour shorter than New York City, which has the longest commute.

Overall, Cheyenne was ranked the 72nd happiest city. Casper came in 101st. The study suggests that both Wyoming towns work too much. Casper has the fourth-longest average work week in the country with Cheyenne tied for fifth place.

Fremont, Calif. finished first in the Happy Cities study, followed by Bismark, North Dakota, San Jose, Calif., Pearl City, Hawaii and Plano, Texas.

Detroit, Mich., Birmingham, Ala., Huntington, West Virginia, Gulfport, Miss. and Little Rock, Ark. rounded out the bottom five.

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