Cheyenne is the ninth hardest working city in the country. A new study claims the Capital City has one of the longest average workweeks, one of the highest percentage of workers with more than one job, and one of the lowest percentage of stay-at-home parents.

Cheyenne would have ranked higher on the list if we had more traffic. At an average of only 14 minutes, Cheyenne has the shortest commute of any city in the study. Driving to work in New York City, which has the longest average daily commute at 40 minutes, takes nearly three times as long.

Cheyenne also has an above average percentage of employees with unused vacation time, one of the highest volunteer rates in the country and a below average percentage of unemployed youth between the ages of 16 to 24.

Anchorage, Alaska, topped the list of America's hardest working cities, followed by San Francisco, Irving, Tex., Virginia Beach, and Plano, Tex. Denver and Aurora, Colo. ranked sixth and seventh. Detroit ranked last in the study. Burlington, Vermont, Buffalo, New York, Cleveland, and Newark, New Jersey rounded out the bottom five.



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