Residents of Laramie County will have shorter lives and experience more health problems than other Wyoming counties, according to the 2019 County Health Rankings Report.

The study ranked Laramie County 17th out of 23 counties in the state for negative health outcomes and premature death. Laramie County ranked 14th for negative health factors including alcoholism, environmental hazards, crime, obesity, poverty, and smoking.

Teton County took the top spot in the state, ranking first for health outcomes and health factors. Crook, Weston, Sublette, and Lincoln rounded out the five best counties for outcomes.

Fremont County is the unhealthiest in Wyoming, ranking last for both health outcomes and health factors. Carbon, Hot Springs, Uinta, Natrona, and Sweetwater rounded out the five worst counties for negative health outcomes. Albany County ranked 13th for health outcomes but had the fourth fewest negative health factors.

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