A new study ranked OBGYN the top-paying profession in Wyoming with an average annual salary of $263,490.  Wyoming is one of five states where OBGYN took the top spot. It's also the highest-paying job in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.

Doctors and dentists accounted for the highest-paying professions in every state, with Anesthesiologists leading the way in 16 states. Surgeon is the top-paying job in twelve states, including Nebraska and Kansas. Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons are the most lucrative occupations in ten states.

So, what's the best-paying job in America?

Orthodontists in Alabama rake in an average salary of $289,740. The lowest-paying full-time job in the country is baggage porters and bellhops in South Carolina, who make $17,810 per year.


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