Hard work is a way of life here in the Cowboy State. Wyoming is the most "overworked" state in the country, according to a new Joblist study.

The average employee in Wyoming works 45 hours per week, nearly a full hour more than the closest state and over two hours more than the national average (42.6). 4.8% of full-time workers in Wyoming also have another job. The study estimated that only 45.2 percent of employees in the state get paid for working overtime.

Alaska ranked second behind Wyoming with an average workweek of 44.1 hours. North Dakota (43.9), Idaho (43.7), and Washington, D.C. (43.7) also rank among the longest workweeks in the nation. Employees in Arkansas have the shortest average workweek (41.3 hours), followed by Delaware (41.5), New Jersey (42), South Carolina (42.1), and California (42.1).

The study also compared wages and cost of living around the country. Wyoming was ranked the second most affordable state nationwide behind Michigan. Wyoming was also one of 28 states where the average wage exceeds the cost of living.

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