According to a new study, the average renter in Wyoming now needs to make $16.46 per hour to afford a two-bedroom house.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition compared each state and concluded the average hourly wage that workers need to rent a two-bedroom home at market value without spending over 1/3 of their income. Ranked from the most expensive to the least expensive, Wyoming was 31st nationwide.

Arkansas, where workers need to make $13.84 an hour to pay the rent, was the least expensive state in the study. West Virginia ($14.10), South Dakota ($14.33), Kentucky ($14.40), Mississippi ($14.51), and Alabama ($14.65) were the only other states where the average wage to afford rent was under $15 per hour.

Hawaii, where workers need to make $36.13 per hour to pay rent, was the most expensive, followed by the District of Columbia ($34.48), California ($32.68), New York ($30.03), and Maryland ($29.04).


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