Wyoming is the least valuable of the 48 contiguous United States according to a new study. Economics ranked each state in the lower 48 based on the amount and value of its land, median home prices, the value of buildings, and per capita gross domestic product.

In Wyoming, they value each acre of land at $1,558, the lowest in the study. Wyoming's total land value of $97 billion is the fourth lowest, while the estimated $660 million value of farms and building is the second lowest. On the bright side, our per capita GDP of $61,091 is the sixth highest in the nation while the median home value of $214,300 ranked 20th

New Mexico finished just in front of Wyoming in 47th place. Nevada, South Dakota, and Montana round out the five least valuable states. Around the region, Nebraska ranked 42nd, with an estimated value of $2,936 per acre. Idaho was 41st, with land valued at $3,435 per acre. Utah was 38th, with an average value of $4,664 per acre. Colorado finished 35th in the study, with land valued at $6,462 per acre. Interestingly, Colorado's median home value of $348,900 was the third highest.

New Jersey has the most valuable land in the country, worth $196,410 per acre. Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts were the only other state where land is valued at over $100,000 per acre. Maryland ranked fifth in the study.



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