I remember being in Junior High or High School 20 years ago(yikes) and having teachers or guests that would roll into our gymnasium to give us motivational talks about the future. One comment that they all loved to say was, "there are jobs being created on a computer right now that you'll have in the future". While my job might not necessarily count, though it's quite different than what it was in the 90s, I didn't really fall into their demo.

Environmental jobs have come a long way in the past few decades, and Wyoming is actually home to a top-ranking environmental job, according to the website Zippia. They made a list of top 10 environmental jobs you can have, and I'll go ahead and skip the ones that don't really have an impact on Wyoming.

Coming in at number 2, Wind Turbine Technician Jobs. Yup, those giant wind turbines that we follow from Cheyenne to Laramie and beyond need people to work on them. So it totally makes sense that this would be a top-ranking job in general for the Cowboy State.

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When we think about energy coming from Wyoming, we typically lean toward gas or coal, but Wind Turbines are another source of energy coming from the Cowboy State, much to the frustration to most residents that think they're purely an eyesore, which is fair.

When you think of green energy or environmental jobs, it would cause pause to come up with Wind Turbines, not because they aren't "green", but you'd think it'd be more of manufacturing of batteries for electric cars. Either way, we have jobs for those that are willing to work on Wind Turbines and most places can't say that.

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