The Sweetwater County Sheriff said he is "genuinely humbled and inspired" by efforts to find a missing father and son after they apparently went off a cliff in an ATV at Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

"Sometimes horrific and unexplainable things happen to otherwise good people," Sheriff John Grossnickle wrote. "Despite the sobering conclusion to this heartbreaking situation, it is truly only by virtue of your collective professionalism, expertise, collaborative spirit, resiliency and tireless sacrifice that we were able to successfully provide this family with the small comfort of closure that they so desperately needed and deserve."

Specifically, Grossnickle thanked the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, Sublette County Sheriff's Office, Sweetwater County Search and Rescue, Tip Top Search and Rescue, the Sweetwater County Dive Team and Sweetwater County Communications Center along with countless other first responders, volunteers and concerned citizens in the community.

"While our hearts, thoughts and prayers remain with this family in their time of grief and devastation, and as we turn to reflect on life’s frailties within our own lives and families, please take pride in knowing that you and those who serve alongside you represent the very best our community has to offer," Grossnickle wrote.

According to news releases, a father and son left their campsite at Flaming Gorge late July 6 and weren't seen again. On July 8, searchers found an oil slick in the water below a 250-foot cliff. Under the oil slick, they found the father but couldn't locate his son.

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