Have you ever watched the TV show 'Face Off' on the Syfy Channel?

The Syfy Channel's 'Face Off' is a competition between special effects make-up artists and their season 9, currently underway, includes a contestant from Wyoming.

Kevon Ward is originally from Rock Springs and now works in Denver. The 27-year-old is a self-taught special effects make-up artist who works in puppetry, set and prop design, illustration, fine art and film production. Ward currently is focusing on creating eccentric character make-up for Denver film projects.

Ward survived the first two episodes of season 9, but just barely. One of his fellow competitors is also from the Rocky Mountain area. Evan Hedges grew up in Boulder and now works as an Art Director in Denver. The Syfy Channel's website has recaps of season 9's episodes if you want to get caught up.

We like watching the show because you get to see the artists create some fantastic monsters or aliens to compete against each other and then they are critiqued by the judges who usually have helpful advise on what they could have done better. It's amazing to watch what goes into creating beings from other worlds.

Check out the Syfy Channel's 'Face Off' and root on Kevon Ward from right here in our Cowboy State.

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