America loves fast food, especially burgers. The great state of Wyoming is no exception. And while McDonald's remains the most popular fast food chain based on sales, an interactive map from the travel website Thrillist offers a different insight into the Cowboy State's 'favorite' fast food spots.

According their map, which derives information from check-ins across the country on the popular social media site Foursquare, Wyoming has four favorite chains.

For most of the state, including Casper, Hardee's is the preferred fast food restaurant. In Cheyenne and across the southeastern part of the state, Culver's claims the top spot. Up in Cody and throughout northwestern Wyoming, Dairy Queen is the king. In Rock Springs and around the southwestern part of the state, Wendy's reigns supreme.

Check out the enlarged map, featuring the favorite fast food chains from regions all across the country here.

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