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Does Wyoming Prefer Marvel or DC?
Which is better: Marvel or DC? It's an age old question which has been argued with comic book readers, fanboys and nerds for the better part of 50 years. But since the reemergence of the superhero film genre (and social media), the argument has gotten even more intense.
WYO's Greatest Villain
The United States of Comic Book Characters recently ranked the most popular comic book characters from in each state. Their pick for Wyoming's most iconic character was Archibald Morton, the second Chemistro and nemesis of Power Man.
Morton first appeared in the 37th issue of the popular Po…
Where Wyoming Gets Free Comic Books [VIDEO]
For the past 15 years, Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May (7th). It’s the artistic industry’s way of saying thanks for your support and “Here, enjoy a comic book for free” from some 60 titles. It’s the one day …
Cheyenne Comic Con
Freaks and geeks, rejoice. Cheyenne is getting its own Comic Con. Yesterday, organizers announced the inaugural Cheyenne Comic Con, a three day event to be held May 13th - 15th at the Little America Resort.
The first Comic-Con was held 45 years ago in San Diego...
Happy Birthday, Superman
On this day in 1938, the first Superman comic book was published. Over the years they've done some mean, ugly things to him (Superman III), Bizarro Superman, Jimmy Olsen goes back in time to WWII and becomes a Nazi commander and the right hand to Hitler...

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