The internet has made a lot of things semi-obsolete. Places like the library, at least as far as research goes, you can pretty much do with Google. Things like mail: who writes letters or even pays bills that way anymore? All these things can be done online. But some of us actually like getting mail... if it's not bills or junk. Enter Nerd Block.

Nerd Block is monthly subscription boxes delivered to your door step. There are many different categories to choose from as well (comic books, horror, video games, etc.). In each box you receive a t-shirt and many other assorted items specific to your chosen genre. At a price range of $13.99 to $19.99 monthly, that's not a bad deal. Going to your favorite clothing apparel store to buy a t-shirt alone will cost you that much.

I love mail and now that summer is finally upon us, it's T-shirt season. So I think this will be a quite cool way to get some exclusive ones and some other cool stuff. Nerd Block also has kids versions for boys and girls as well. I think I may have found a way to get my children to do chores on a regular basis!