WYO's Kinkiest Towns
Congratulations, Cheyenne. You're the kinkiest people in the Cowboy State.
According a new Roadsnacks study based on sales of erotica and other adult novelties, the Capital City more than doubles its closest in-state competitor.
"The 10 Kinkiest Cities in Wyoming" cites nearly 2…
WYO's "Whitest" Towns
According to the latest estimate from the the United States Census Bureau, nearly 83 percent of Wyoming citizens identify their ethnicity as "non-Hispanic white".
This week, Roadsnacks published a study ranking the "10 Whitest Cities in Wyoming"...
WYO's Most Conservative Towns
When it comes to politics, Wyoming is one of the most conservative states in America. In fact, the last Democratic Presidential candidate to carry the Cowboy State was Lyndon Johnson way back in 1964.
This week, Roadsnacks released two studies ranking the most conservative, and the most liberal,…

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