According to the latest estimate from the the United States Census Bureau, nearly 83 percent of Wyoming citizens identify their ethnicity as "non-Hispanic white".

This week, Roadsnacks published a study ranking the "10 Whitest Cities in Wyoming".

In addition to census data, their results are based on a number of "white stereotypes" including the number of farmer's markets, vegan restaurants, pottery barns and yoga studios in each town.

Based on that criteria, here's their list of the 'whitest' towns in the Cowboy State.

1. Thermopolis - This population of this scenic tourist destination is nearly 95% Caucasian.

2. Lyman - 92 percent of the 2,186 residents in this southwestern Wyoming town are white.

3. Kemmerer - White people make up 91.8 percent of the population in this town, whose claim to fame is the first J.C. Penney store it the country.

4. Sheridan - The largest town on this list; 90 percent of Sheridan's nearly 18,000 residents are white.

5. Mills - This Casper suburb makes the list of Wyoming's whitest towns with a Caucasian population of 88.9 percent.

Powell, Cody, Bar Nunn, Buffalo and Afton round out the top 10.

According to their list, the most ethnically diverse town in Wyoming is Jackson, where only 67.5 percent of residents are white. Rawlins, Rock Springs, Cheyenne and Riverton also ranked among the most diverse places in the Cowboy State.

How "white" is your hometown? Click the link for the full list.

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