The word "poor" can mean different things. I say that as a preface to news I've found about Mills making a "poorest" cities in Wyoming list, but there's good news.

First of all, the facts. Roadsnacks has just released their 2021 list for the poorest cities in Wyoming. If it really is for 2021, that must mean they can foretell the future.

On this so-called definitive list, Mills comes in as the 6th poorest city in Wyoming with populations over 2,000. Median income is listed at around $46,000 which is the 3rd lowest in the state with 8.4% unemployment which is 5th highest in Wyoming. They claim the poverty level in Mills is just above 10%.

How did Roadsnacks come up with this? Here's what they said:

..we analyzed the newest Census data from the American Community Survey for the 29 places in Wyoming with more than 2,000 people.

So when does the good news kick in? The good news is that this is an improvement for Mills considering they were listed as the #1 poorest city in Wyoming last year.

As far as the rest of the "poorest" cities, Worland lands at #10 on a list where you'll also find Riverton and Thermopolis. Lovell is the new #1 for poorest cities in Wyoming if the Roadsnacks list is to be believed.

I have to admit that I take most of these lists with a very large grain of salt. Most of the time they're made by people that have never been here and don't really understand how rich the community of Mills and others in our area really are.

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