Kids in the 80s and 90s had it great, and I swear, I don't think Mcdonald's was ever as popular as it was in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s. At least for kids. Maybe I'm just biased. But that was when they went all out. You could get cool Batman Forever glasses, Disney Glasses, cool collectors toys, and of course, the Halloween buckets!

Don't recall the Halloween buckets? I'm sorry, they were an incredible part of my childhood. Your Happy Meal came in those buckets! Then, your Mom would let you use the buckets for trick or treating! I mean, is there a better marketing opportunity than slinging these orange, white and green bad boys to every kid in your community?

While green was and has always been my favorite color, the orange bucket was the one to get. I mean, it was like a pumpkin! That was the cool one to get. Everyone hated the white one.

How great is this commercial from the 90s?

Ok, I'll step out of my nostalgic fever dream and get to the meat of the matter. The patty of the matter.

Mcdonald's finally confirmed in a press release(they needed a presser to announce this?) that the vintage Halloween buckets are coming back. They are on limited dates and if you don't act fast, you could miss out. They'll be available from October 18th until Halloween, or until they sell out. You can see the press release here.

So hold on to your Chicken McNuggets, because we're getting a taste of nostalgia, thanks to Mcdonald's.

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