Today is not only Cinco De Mayo, but it is also TACO TUESDAY. In honor of the biggest taco eating day of the year, I waned to share with you a product that is perfect for those of us with hamburger in the freezer.

As an avid outdoorsman, I have been surviving most of the quarantine off of the wild game I harvested last fall. When it comes to wild game, lots of successful hunters will make a percentage of their harvest into hamburger. Growing up, we always looked for ways to incorporate wild game burger into our weekly dinners. One of the most popular dishes was always tacos. So, needless to say I have developed a taste for taco seasoning.

Tatanka is the Lakota word for "Big Beast." And, Tatanka Taco seasoning was formulated for all types of wild beast. Everything from elk to grouse. A mixture of chlli, paprika, onion as well as jalapeno/lime infused salt.

One bag makes 4 lbs of taco meat. Thats enough for a huge taco Tuesday celebration.

Want one? Check out the website.

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