Have you survived a Spring blizzard?

Tell us your favorite story of making it through a big storm. Who knows, maybe part of your story will be a good lesson for someone out there to help them survive in a blizzard.

As I write this, Cheyenne has received about 2 inches of snow from this Arctic blast but the winds are howling and creating drifts more than a foot high in places already.

When I left the radio station Monday night, a drift in the parking lot must have been ten inches deep and the heavy wet snowflakes hurt as they blew sideways into your face. Visibilities on the roads home were diminished to whiteout conditions when I passed Holliday Park on 19th Street.

Over the years, I've lived through several blizzards in Wyoming and have Grateful Memories of many of them. Thought I'd share one, if you have one, share yours too.

Birthday Candles in a Blackout (flickR User/moonlightbulb)

I don't remember the year, but I was still living with my parents on west 31st Street by Pioneer Park School. I do remember the day though. It was a Friday the 13th, in April, my Dad's birthday.

Mom was cooking a big dinner and we had cake for dessert. A blizzard was raging outside, a cold and snowy Spring night in Wyoming.

Just as dinner was almost ready, the lights flickered and went out. We sat quietly in the kitchen for a couple minutes, waiting for them to flicker back on.

We started searching in the dark for a flashlight, we tried the kitchen drawers but nothing. We did find some matches, though.

Then a light bulb went off in my head, figuratively. Let's light up Dad's birthday candles! So we did and there was plenty of light to finish dinner and enjoy cake for dessert.-Grateful Mike

If you have a good blizzard story, share it here on KING FM.