The good news for drinkers during Cheyenne Frontier Days is the fact it lasts 10 days. Even jovial CSU frat boys can’t binge that long. Whether or not you'll be drinking responsibly, yourself, here are the “10 Commandments of Drinking During Cheyenne Frontier Days."

  1. Thou shalt hydrate! And thou shalt only do that by drinking water.
  1. Thou shalt text yourself the address where you will stay later to give to the driver.
  1. If bar hopping downtown, thou shalt not walk on post-parade horse grenades.
  1. Thou shalt call Uber when anyone in your party yells out, “It’s 2 o’clock in the breakfast. Who’s buying morning?”
  1. Thou shalt not hit the hard liquor watching a parade at The Crown Bar. (They are open early downtown on parade days, though.)
  1. Thou shalt always be phone-cam ready. Downtown Cheyenne bars can be rowdy anytime, but they’re much crazier during CFD. Expect to see at least one fight.
  1. Thou shalt eat any kind of protein you can get. Rocky Mountain Oysters taste ok when drinking.
  1. Thou shalt use the buddy system, and thou shalt not lose thy buddy.
  1. Thou shalt smuggle a few shooters to save a few bucks. We've all done it. 
  1. Thou shalt not drive. The unofficial slogan of Cheyenne Police is, “You’ll come on vacation. You’ll leave on probation.”  

For the next day, Cheyenne has great hangover food.

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