Yesterday, we published a story about the peculiar questions Wyoming residents hear from people in other parts of the country.

So we asked our Facebook friends, "What's the dumbest question you've heard about living in Wyoming?"

Here's the top 10:

Linda Bueker McDonald - When I was visiting in New York, a woman said.....Wyoming, I never heard of that it in Europe? She was the ticket taker at the Empire State building...REALLY?

Cherill Jewell - Was in Vegas once and I was asked where I was From..When I said WYOMING ....they asked if we had cars there?? I said no we don't..have you heard the saying... WHERE THE PAVEMENT ENDS AND THE WEST have to park your car at the border and ride a horse or take a covered And we have no electricity it's like walking into a western They said, wow, we will have to visit I hope they come during Frontier Days.

Kim Titmus - Had my friends in Sweden convinced that I rode a horse to school every day and had no plumbing or electricity!!

Jan Flynn - What state is Wyoming in?

Mellissa Valenzuela - Do you have indoor plumbing?

Robin Yuktonis - That's a real place? After some idiot looks at my plates when I'm out of state.

P.J. Blackman - Do you have weather there?

Kelly Wharton Flores - What's that tail hanging out the front grill of your truck? (Laughing hysterically at the plug for the engine block heater.) When I explained that it is plugged in when parked in below freezing temps and keeps the engine heated so the fluids do not freeze they thought I was pulling their leg.

Kathy Rolfs - What currency do you have in Wyoming?

Gina Hammock - Do the schools provide stables for your horses?


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