Cheyenne has a rich history as one of the first big boom towns in the west. Ever since the Union Railroad Railroad began construction in the late 1860's, the 'Magic City of the Plains' became a haven for miners, gunslingers, gamblers, and rugged frontiersman looking to stake a claim.

According to some folks, many of those early settlers continue to haunt Cheyenne to this day. According to the website Legends of America, these are five of the most haunted places in the Capital City.

1. The Atlas Theatre - One of the oldest buildings in Cheyenne, this historic landmark was constructed in 1887. It originally housed a a candy shop on the ground floor before being converted into a theater in 1908.

Over the years, hundreds have witnessed what they claim are two ghosts that occupy the building. One local legend, reported on the website, attributes the ghosts to a preacher who had opened a church in the building, only to discover that his wife was moonlighting as a lady of the evening. According to the legend, the preacher killed his wife and then hung himself in the theatre.

2. The Plains Hotel - When this downtown landmark first opened in 1911, it was considered to be the most luxurious hotel in the region. As legend has it, one of the guests in the early days of the hotel was a woman named Rosie who was honeymooning with her new husband.

During their stay, Rosie found her new husband in the arms of a prostitute and shot them both in the woman's room on the fourth floor. She later turned the gun on herself in the Honeymoon Suite. To this day, visitors report seeing the ghost of the groom all over the hotel. They claim the other woman still haunts the second floor. Meanwhile, the ghost of Rosie has been spotted in and around the Honeymoon Suite.

3. St. Mark's Episcopal Church - This historic church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death during construction of the building's iconic bell tower. Although the church was originally constructed in the late 1860's, the bell tower wasn't completed until 1924.

According to legend, two of the men who were hired to build the forty feet high tower vanished before the project was complete. A man later returned, claiming his partner had fallen to his death. In a panic, the man covered up the body inside the bell tower. Since then, visitors have reported strange noises coming from within the tower walls, including a pipe organ and the sound of hammering. Some have also claimed that the church bells will often ring for no reason.

4. The Deming School - This historic art deco building on West 5th Avenue was constructed in 1945. For decades, visitors have reported that the school is haunted by the ghost a man who died in the furnace room. Some folks even believe that if you look into a window at night, you will see two reflections; yours and that of the ghost.

5. The Wyoming Supreme Court - Fred Blume served as a justice on the Wyoming Supreme Court from 1922 until 1963. Legend has it, his ghost still haunts the building. The ghost has been known to turn on the lights at night and there have been numerous reports of mysterious cigar smoke coming from the office that Judge Blume once occupied.