Labor Day weekend is behind us, Summer is waning down, so that means one thing and one thing only. Football season is upon us. Sure, this past weekend saw College Football come back, we got a nice Poke's win, but we all know we're looking for the pros. We'll get that starting Thursday, and then Sunday, we'll have the full gambit of football for Football Sunday.

This first week of the season is going to be special, we have high hopes for our Fantasy teams and with Wyoming passing the sports betting legislation recently, we'll be able to make some bets on the games as we watch. I prefer Draft Kings, but that's just me, bet responsibly. Anyways, it feels like this season is going to be the best one ever. Especially with you know what under better control than it was this time last year.

So that brings me to where is the best place to sit down and watch a game in Cheyenne? That's a really tough question because we lack sports bars in the city. Last year we used every form of searching from the internet to in-person to find a space to watch and we found one. The Office Bar & Grill.

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The Office Bar & Grill, just off Pershing Blvd in Cheyenne is the best place possible to watch the game. They open up one of their banquet rooms and have every game on for you imaginable. So you're not just catching what's on the regular CBS and FOX affiliates, you're getting all of them. So you can watch your fantasy players, your favorite team or your bets in one place. You can also make your way over to the Executive Lounge to relax and watch football as well. It's all in the same place! They also have a ton of food and drink specials waiting for us this Sunday.

They're ready for us.

So when you wake up Sunday, ready for football, but in a mid panic because you don't know where to go, remember The Office Bar & Grill. I'll save you a seat.

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