If you've gone to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any other type of social media page, there's a good chance you've seen Bison getting angry. 2021 has been a record setting year for attendance in Yellowstone National Park and we've seen MANY videos, pictures and heard stories of Bison/Human interactions. Stay 25 yards away from bison when you see them in Yellowstone.

The American Bison is a magnificent sight! They're big, bad and don't take crap off of anyone or anything. According to this first video that was put up this past Augusts of a Bison going head first into the rear bumper of a Chevy Impala and rips it off. Luckily the person videoing the event, rolled up his window to make sure he was safe.

With all the possibilities of things to spook a bison herd, when something does set them off and you're in the middle make sure you hold on tight. Even though they are fairly agile, to be stuck in the middle of a stampede is enough to get your heart racing.

The video below is a PRIME example of how close NOT to be to a wild bison. This video was taken over 10 year ago, but the story is the same. Tourist get out of their car and get close enough to anger a grazing bison and the bison charges after them. These three are incredibly lucky to get away without getting a bison horn in them, but hopefully have learned a lesson that will stick with them forever!

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