This weekend, thousands of tourists will invade Wyoming. Dear Lord, help us.

Here are the current odds for the stupid things those 'tourons' might do during their visit to the Cowboy State.

Trampled by a bison: 10-1

Gored by an elk: 15-1

Mauled by a bear: 30-1

Falling into a geothermal hot spring: 25-1

Vandalizing a historic monument: 7-1

Starting a fire: 3-1

Attempting to 'rescue' an animal: 50-1

Assault and battery with a selfie stick: 20-1

Nude Streaking: 2-1

Hospitalization due to a 'bad trip': 5-1

Get your bets in before the window closes and good luck, Wyoming. You're gonna need it.

Disclaimer: Listed odds are for entertainment purposes only. If you have a gambling problem, help is available by calling 1-800-522-4700. 

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