Two of Wyoming's dumbest tourons were recently recognized by Reader's Digest, ranking among the worst tourists in the world this year.

The list includes stupid Chinese tourists engaging in a shouting match at a silent monastery in Myanmar, a Czech couple arrested for skinny dipping in a Venice canal, five Australian tourists who were videotaped running naked through the streets of Bali, a couple busted for bathing nude in holy water at a Hindu temple in Indonesia, a drink Irishman arrested for attempting to steal a Christmas tree in New Zealand, and ten tourists who were cited after engaging in "lewd conduct" on a public beach in Spain.

Wyoming's contribution to the list was "thermal trespassing" in Yellowstone National Park, specifically two tourists who were ticketed for crossing a fence to pose for selfies at Old Faithful.

"We were in total disbelief at the complete stupidity of these guys," one eyewitness commented.

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