Another Wyoming 'touron' is lucky to be alive after posing for a selfie as Old Faithful began to erupt. A visitor at Yellowstone National Park captured video of a man approaching the geyser on Saturday afternoon.

"He was well within the danger zone of this being a potentially life-threatening situation because it could have gone off at any time," Devin Bartolotta told NBC Montana. "It really could have been a really bad situation if he had been a second or two in the wrong time."

Bartolotta and several other witnesses originally thought the man was a park ranger.

"He got probably within 20 to 30 feet of the actual geyser and he stopped, pulled out his cell phone and took a picture," she added. "That's when everyone realized that he was not a ranger. The whole crowd started booing."

When other visitors began heckling him, the man reportedly flipped off the crowd before he was approached by park rangers. Although he wasn't burned by the boiling geyser, the video may land him in some legal hot water. Last month, another tourist was sentenced to four days in jail for straying off the boardwalk at Grand Prismatic Spring.

No charges have been filed yet against the man, but Bartolotta thinks they should be.

"How does somebody get so bold that they'd risk life and damaging protected public lands for a cell phone picture?" she wondered. "The ignorance and ego (are)unreal."

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