It seems like there's a new drug bust almost every day here in Wyoming, especially in Casper.

While it may seem to be getting worse, addiction is not a new problem for the Cowboy State. In fact, this month marks the 104th anniversary of the biggest drug bust in Wyoming history. 

On February 20, 1913, over 100 soldiers at Fort D.A. Russell in Cheyenne were arrested for cocaine possession, including several high-ranking officers.

The entire 11th Infantry and Fourth Field Artillery units were interrogated and threatened with court martials if they didn't reveal the supplier. During the investigation, a guard at the hospital was implicated for selling cocaine to his fellow troops.

At the same time, the Wyoming State Legislature introduced a new bill that outlawed the possession and sale of cocaine. Meanwhile, the Cheyenne Police Department began a campaign to crack down on drug smugglers.

History repeated itself in 2016, when 14 United States Air Force Airmen were investigated for possesion and distribution of cocaine at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, where Fort D.A. Russell once stood.

The investigation followed a 2014 inquiry into drug use on the base, which was commissioned by former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.



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