This past weekend a friend of my wife’s and mine came into town to visit us, being somewhat new to the area, we only knew of a handful of options to give him a glimpse of the Capitol City. We were about a week late on the Trolley Tours, so we took him to the Depot Museum, which, neither of us had toured yet.  

Here’s the thing that you may or may not know about going to the Depot Museum, it’s really detailed. There is more information there then you can soak in in one trip. As I walked through and read everything and tried to wonder if the spot I was standing in had spirits wondering around from my talks with my friends from PHOG(Paranormal Hunting And Observation Group), I also realized that this is a gem in our city. Everyone should visit this place at least once a year. 

I know you’re reading this saying, well, Mat, we went four years ago, there can’t be anything new. And you’re wrong for saying that. There were newer items on display and there is no way you remember half of what you discovered before. I just went a week ago and I couldn’t tell you anything about the steam engines that powered the trains in the 18 and 1900s.  

The museum itself is beautifully well kept and from what I gathered going through my self guided tour, we all need to make sure we come together when they do benefits for the museum. It’s our museum and town history. 

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