Did you see the final performance of the Eagles?

The Eagle’s tribute to Glenn Frey on the February 16th Academy Awards was their final performance, according to Don Henley, who confounded The Eagles with Glenn Frey. Henley was on The United Kingdom’s BBc 2’s Simon Mayo that and said that The Eagles will not perform again.

On the television show’s tribute, Jackson Browne appropriately sang vocals on “Take It Easy” in an emotional and difficult performance that the band was hesitant to do, but were persuaded. Jackson started writing the song but got stuck and Glenn helped to finish it. The Grammy Award winning “Take It Easy” did very well and helped to launch The Eagles and Jackson Browne’s careers.

I think The Eagles are, or now were, America’s greatest band ever and left an incredible body of work behind. I also believe this is a dignified and proper way to end this band, which would not be The Eagles without Glenn

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