For over 70 years, a haunted elementary school in Cheyenne has terrified generations of students (and parents). Deming/Miller Elementary School has been the site of several ghost sightings since it was built in 1945.

The most popular urban legend involves a man who allegedly died in the old furnace room. It is said that, if you look into the windows of the school late at night, you will see two reflections; yours and his ghost. Others have heard strange noises and observed flickering lights. One rumor even suggested that the school was once the former site of a crematorium.

Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Art Deco building was designed by renowned architect Frederic Hutchinson, who also supervised the construction of Storey Gymnasium, the Dineen Building, and First Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne, along with War Memorial Stadium and several iconic structures at the Unversity of Wyoming, and the Carbon County Courthouse in Rawlins.

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18 Most Terrifyingly Haunted Places in Wyoming

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