Wyoming State Archives, Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources

F.E. Warren was Wyoming territory governor in 1885, when he first bought a ranch from Charles Terry, that would become the Terry Bison Ranch.

In the early 1900s, it's where then Senator Warren hosted President Teddy Roosevelt for dinner, and cocktails. Would you bet they told some stories?

Another frequent guest was a Captain Pershing. (He was promoted to General after marrying the senator's daughter.)

In 1993, the ranch was owned by the Thiel family, who wanted to start a company allowing people to get close to the great North American Bison. There was still no Senator's Restaurant back then. They offered chuck wagon dinners in an old barn called the Wagon Wheel, brought from the Cook shack. That building is now the photo shop at the Depot.

Over 23 years, more improvements have been made (understatement). The ranch is now 27,500 acres, stretching into Colorado.

There are historic cabins, but many stay in the RV park, a bit packed during Cheyenne Frontier Days when parties break out at the drop of a cowboy hat.