This past weekend, we had a wide open Sunday so I thought I'd take the boy into the great wide open and explore a new state (at least for him)...Wyoming. He actually spent about 5 hours driving through it on our move down here to Colorado from Washington but we're not going to count being cooped up in a car as truly EXPLORING a state.

I've been to Wyoming several times and absolutely love the state and everything it has to offer. So many of my friends and family are like "WHY?" or  "Isn't it just a bunch of nothing there?" I usually follow with yeah, there IS kind of a lot of nothing there but THAT is the draw for me. Sometimes getting away to enjoy some peace and quiet and exploring the great wide open and learning about a state's impressive history is just what the doctor ordered.

I also like to point out to those same people that question my love for Wyoming that while there is a lot of "nothing" up there, there's also a LOT of fun stuff to do and see for kids of ALL ages and I'm happy to say I discovered a gem that I hadn't checked out before in the Terry Bison Ranch just across the Colorado border off I-25.

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This place had it all when it comes to enjoying some quality time with my son while allowing him to see some impressive animals up close and personal like bison, horses (which he was able to ride for the first time in his life) camels, llamas, chickens and many kitties in and outside of the sweet gift can also ride ATVS on the impressive trails out there and did I mention the steakhouse?

Terry Bison Ranch has their own steakhouse restaurant which provided me and the boy with some delicious and hearty food after a full day of being in the great outdoors.

This place was a blast, if you're looking for a spot to get away and have some outdoor fun that's not TOO far from home, Terry Bison Ranch has got it going on!


Terry Bison Ranch

Central City, Colorado


Buffalo Bill's Grave/Lookout Mountain




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